Registration process

We will invite you to register with us once we have seen your CV, subject to you having the relevant skills and experience required by our clients. Most of our registrations take place at our office in Woodford Green, Essex, however we also have a Consultant who is London-based twice a week and will happily arrange to meet you if the journey to Woodford is inconvenient.

Our offices open at 9am, and on Wednesdays stay open until 7pm to allow candidates greater flexibility after work. There is plenty of parking near our office for drivers, and we are next to Woodford Station for those coming on public transport.

The registration process will take up to an hour, so do allow plenty of time. Please ensure that you bring a valid passport, as we require a copy of this to keep on file. During the registration, you will need to complete our forms and provide details of referees. This is followed by an in-depth interview to get to know you, what you have done so far and why, and what you are looking for now.